july | 05

Cape Cod's famous International Inn decides to bring their web-presence to a new, professional level.


june | 05

Pacific Intercultural Exchange Global Redesign project. PIE decided its time to give their web-site a new friendly, modern and friendly look. Take a look at a 'teaser' page.


june | 05

Wilson Wi-Fi Systems is a Tech Company created expressly for the public to access the Web while away from home or the office.


may | 05

Jewelry Explosion web-site. A very nicely designed web-site coming up online. The jewelry store. Buy jewelry you like!



"This is really impressive. I can't believe how much it (www.pieusa.net) has
developed since I last looked at the site. What a great job I think you guys have done."

Guy Pacurar


Nick Zuev is a first class web site designer and developer. At Masscot Internet, we trust Nick with our biggest clients. Every day we hear glowing compliments from our customers about his outstanding work.

John McDonald, President, Masscot Internet.


Nick Zuev Web-Design About Us Page

I am a russian freelance web-designer, working with Masscot Internet, Incorporated. Bringing the latest technologies and styles of web-design to the company i worked myself to the position of a head web-designer of this company. With my experience of making web-sites for over 7 years, i became a professional in this field and now take the responsibility to handle more and more complicated projects.

Working with the president of Masscot on some projects together, i learned that the way to success is to give a customer what he wants. We work individually with each cutomer, determine his needs, goals and purposes. All this makes our customers happy and satisfied.

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